GL Certifies New Turbine From REpower Systems

REpower Systems AG has received a unit certificate from Germanischer Lloyd (GL) for new turbines in its portfolio. The certificate is the first one that has been issued for a wind turbine with a double-fed generator system, according to REpower.

Testing required for the certification was conducted on a REpower MM82 with a rated power of 2.05 MW, located at the Dollerup wind farm in Germany.

In order to obtain the certification, simulation models for the characteristics of the wind turbine were further developed and then validated by comprehensive tests in real operation.

In the coming weeks, REpower is expecting further unit certificates for its MM series. For the new generation units of the 3.XM series, for which prototype testing will soon be carried out, unit certificates should be available in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the company. Due to the prototyping regulation, the wind turbines of this series can be connected to the grid through the end of January 2011 without requiring a unit certificate and an expert's opinion.

SOURCE: REpower Systems AG


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