GEP, Jayme da Costa Ally On Construction Of Wind And Solar Power Plants


Power plant construction company Global EcoPower (GEP) and Portuguese group Jayme da Costa (JDC) have signed a partnership to develop wind and solar power plants in France and abroad.

JDC is 100 years old this year and is primarily involved in the provision of engineering, studies and materials for the construction of wind and solar power plants. JDC has more than 2,700 MW of wind power plants and more than 400 MW of solar power plants to its name so far.

As part of this partnership, JDC will concentrate on project engineering studies and the supply of equipment, with GEP in charge of the sourcing of projects, financing and construction until grid connection.

GEP is working on several solar and wind projects abroad and intends to elaborate on its offers through the GEP-JDC partnership.

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