GE Launches Wind Blade Tour In South Dakota


GE has kicked off a 28-day multi-state wind blade tour in Aberdeen, S.D., to emphasize the escalating role renewable energy will have on the U.S.' clean energy future. The tour will showcase one of GE's 131-foot advanced technology wind turbine blades that will serve as a traveling petition signed by the public. The blade will cover 2,436 miles and travel through nine states during the tour.

As the country focuses on energy independence and moves to cleaner, smarter and more efficient energy production, GE believes the right government policies are key. Policy can help accelerate the creation of manufacturing jobs, as well as increase investments and technological innovations that will lead to a more prosperous and competitive economy, the company says.

The tour begins in Aberdeen, S.D., and wraps up in Dallas in May as part of the American Wind Energy Association's WINDPOWER 2010 conference.

Individuals will have the opportunity to sign their name on the blade to pledge their support for a clean energy future and urge U.S. leaders to support wind policies. The wind blade will carry the message ‘I'm helping to build America's energy future’ to highlight the personal role all Americans can play in making this clean energy vision a reality.

Currently, wind energy provides about 2% of the country's electricity and produces enough electricity to power more than 10.5 million U.S. homes. Last year, the U.S. wind industry supported a total of 85,000 jobs in all 50 states.


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