Gamesa Unveils New Turbine Platform At Husum


Turbine manufacturer Gamesa unveiled the new G9X-2.0 MW turbine at the Husum Wind Energy Trade Fair in Germany.

The new model is designed for low wind sites. The Gamesa G97 has a swept area 16% higher than the existing G90 turbine, coupled with an increase in energy output of nearly 14%, Gamesa explains.

The company says the G97-2.0 MW wind turbine and the G9X platform models offer higher performance with improved capacity curve and better noise emission levels, and they also come with an improved cooling process inside the nacelle.

The G9X-2.0 MW wind platform has been developed as an upgrade of the G8X-2.0 MW platform technology. According to Gamesa, more than 4,100 of the platform's turbines have been installed worldwide, equivalent to capacity of more than 8,300 MW.

SOURCE: Gamesa

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