Gamesa Marks Installed Turbine Milestone In Brazil


Having entered the Brazilian market six years ago, Gamesa has now installed 1,000 wind turbines in the country.

Gamesa reached the milestone when the Campo dos Ventos and Sao Benedito wind complexes, operated by CPFL Renovaveis, were recently commissioned.

In total, Gamesa’s turbines in Brazil have reached a total installed capacity of 2 GW – representing the electricity demands of a city the size of Munich, Germany, says Gamesa, adding that it has a market share of 17% in Brazil.

Of the 1,000 wind turbines installed, nearly 10% are accounted for by one of the company’s newest models, the G114-2.1 MW, which is custom-designed for the constant, low-turbulence wind conditions typical of Brazil, says Gamesa.

The company also services close to 2 GW for various customers under operations and maintenance agreements. Brazil, where Gamesa has a staff of 500, also contributes one-fifth of Gamesa’s turbine sales.

“By comparison with other markets, the major advantage of Brazilian’s energy sector is the visibility into future demand, thanks to regulatory stability and predefined capacity targets,” says Edgard Corrochano, director of Gamesa Brazil. “To guarantee that the sector’s production chain continues to run smoothly, at least 3 GW of wind power needs to be put out to tender each year.”

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