Gamesa Launches Website For O&M Customers


Gamesa has launched a new website exclusively reserved for all of the company's operations and maintenance (O&M) services customers – more than 130 clients and over 12,000 MW of wind assets worldwide, according to the company.

Clients can access customized information and management tools spanning key aspects of the operation of their wind farms throughout the world.

The website includes the following features:

– Reports on customer wind farms maintained and operated by Gamesa;

– A single gateway for accessing all wind farm management tools; and

– Certified courses and seminars on technical wind industry issues and accident prevention.

The new website will gradually add other features, including an option for customers to track orders and an online 3-D parts catalogue. The site will also welcome feedback from customers through surveys included in the service.

The website will be available in Spanish and English, with a Chinese version scheduled to launch by the end of this year.

O&M services is one of the business lines upon which Gamesa plans to base future growth and generation of recurring income, according to the company, which expects to double the number of megawatts under O&M contracts to 24,000 MW by 2013.

SOURCE: Gamesa

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