Gamesa Approves Stock Dividend Option

general shareholder meeting, Gamesa approved a capital increase of up to 29 million euros against reserves to be used to pay the dividend in stock rather than cash. The new Gamesa Flexible Dividend system will enable shareholders to receive part or all of the standard remuneration in cash or in Gamesa shares. Each outstanding Gamesa share will be granted a warrant for one bonus share, and the warrants may be traded on the market over a 15-day period. Gamesa intends to acquire the warrants during the established trading period. The execution of the bonus issue will commence June 30, with the announcement of the number of free warrants required to receive one share and the price at which Gamesa intends to acquire the warrants. The process is expected to conclude July 30, when the new shares commence trading. The deadline for requesting remuneration in cash is July 13, 2013. Trading in the warrants will conclude July 16, and the new shares will be assigned and shareholders who elected to receive the dividend in cash will be paid on July 21. SOURCE: [link=]Gamesa[/


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