Funds Approved To Advance Wind Turbine Technology


The Iowa Power Fund Board has approved an award of approximately $2.3 million to Clipper Windpower Inc. to construct and install a prototype wind turbine in Iowa that is designed to be used at low wind speed sites. Clipper leveraged an additional $18 million for the project.

The proposed turbine, which will be based on significant upgrades to Clipper's current 2.5 MW Liberty platform, will be used to do extensive validation testing of the new design later this year, with prototype installation scheduled for 2012.

Once the platform enhancements are tested and the technology is commercialized, Clipper says it will create job opportunities at its Cedar Rapids manufacturing facility to produce the turbines for sale in North America and internationally.

Participants in the project will also work with the Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development for research and development activities and establish the prototype turbine as a site for education, training and community outreach.

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