Following Return To Profitability, Nordex Sets New Financial Targets


Nordex says it has set itself new financial targets: The turbine manufacturer now plans to achieve a sales level of EUR 2 billion by 2017 while substantially improving its operating result to an EBIT margin of 7-8%.

‘We will focus strongly on improving profitability during the next period,’ says Jurgen Zeschky, CEO of Nordex. ‘In the course of the realignment process over the last few years, Nordex grew dramatically, achieved the level of sales required for the turnaround and is now profitable. We intend to build on this success by optimizing our internal processes to bring them in line with our business profile.’

The company says that since its new management board took the helm at Nordex in spring 2012, Nordex has increased revenues by more than 55% to EUR 1.4 billion and returned to profitability. In the period up to 2017, Nordex says it plans to further enhance its new position as a specialist provider of solutions, concentrating on some 20 international markets.

"The aim of our products and services is always to create value for our customers. Of course, first and foremost, this means more efficient products," says Zeschky. "But there is also plenty of potential for increasing earnings in the design of a wind farm."

With this in mind, Nordex says it aims to reduce the levelized cost of energy from wind by between 12% and 15% and plans to offer more customized solutions in the so-called "micrositing" of wind farms.

"The reorganization and sales growth of as much as 30 percent in some years put a great deal of stress on the organization. We have competitive products and a successful sales and service strategy. We will now focus on adapting our business processes so that we can become even more profitable," explains Zeschky.

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