First Stages Of Montana Alberta Tie Line Move Through Duluth Port

Two 300-ton dimensional transformers were transferred through the Duluth Seaway Port Authority on their way to Lethbridge, Alberta, as part of the Montana Alberta Tie Line – the first international merchant transmission line in North America.

Both units were manufactured in Germany and shipped from Rotterdam aboard the BigLift freighter Tracer, along with multiple crates of accessories. Crews from Lake Superior Warehousing Co. discharged the cargo directly onto specialized railcars waiting dockside.

The Port Authority says a 9-car train left Duluth Tuesday and is making its way along a 1,200-mile Canadian Pacific clearance route to Lethbridge, Alberta, where the transformers will be installed.

‘When fully operational next year, the 214-mile transmission line will interconnect the electricity markets of Alberta and Montana,’ says Paul Kos, director of engineering for Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. (MATL), ‘opening up a huge potential for development in renewable energy projects in both countries.’

MATL is a subsidiary of Tonbridge Power Inc., headquartered in Toronto.

SOURCE: Duluth Seaway Port Authority


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