Finavera Renewables Hires Pinnacle Capital Markets For Investor Relations Services


Finavera Renewables Inc. has retained Pinnacle Capital Markets Ltd. to develop and provide investor-relations services for the company. Pinnacle has been engaged to refine and execute an investor-relations strategy that will enhance and expand Finavera Renewables' exposure with the Canadian and international investment community. Pinnacle will assist Finavera in fostering productive, continuing dialogues with analysts, brokers, potential investors, current shareholders and other financial professionals.

The initial period of the agreement is for three months with an option to renew at terms mutually agreeable to each party. Finavera Renewables will compensate Pinnacle with a monthly retainer of C$4,000 and issue 100,000 incentive stock options to be granted pursuant to the company's stock-option plan and the rules of the TSX Venture Exchange.

The options will have an exercise price of C$0.10 per share for a period of one year. The options will vest in four equal installments every three months. In the event that company and Pinnacle elect to extend the agreement, the monthly compensation will increase to C$5,000.

SOURCE: Finavera Renewables Inc.

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