FIEC Members Vote In Favor Of Wind Project


Members of the Fox Islands Electric Cooperative (FIEC) from the islands of Vinalhaven and North Haven, Maine, voted 382 to 5 in favor of siting a wind power project in their community. This vote included both the seasonal and year-round communities.

This project is expected to produce a total output of between 3.5 MW and 5 MW of power. It will also enable these two communities to sell power in the winter, when the offshore wind is strongest, and buy power in the summer, when energy consumption is the highest.

‘Over the past five years, island ratepayers have seen significant increases in their electricity bills – even before the current energy crisis,’ says Hannah Pingree, a Maine state legislator from North Haven. ‘Now we have a unique opportunity to stabilize and, ideally, lower our electricity rates, while also producing our own renewable energy.’

SOURCE: Fox Islands Electric Cooperative

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