FERC Confirms MISO’s Interpretation Of JOA With SPP


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a declaratory judgment last week confirming that the Southwest Power Pool (SPP)/Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) joint operating agreement (JOA) allows the parties to share available transmission capacity.

MISO's April petition sought clarification of conflicting interpretations between MISO and SPP regarding Section 5.2 of the agreement. FERC agreed with MISO's interpretation that Section 5.2 provides for sharing transmission capacity on a common path.

FERC's confirmation of our understanding of the JOA is consistent with past practices and daily operations on our seams,’ says John R. Bear, president and CEO of MISO. ‘This also eliminates confusion concerning connectivity issues related to Entergy's planned integration into MISO's market operations.’

FERC's order also recognizes the practical need for MISO and SPP to continue to work together on possible revisions to the JOA to improve the economic efficiency of the operations of the combined region. MISO agrees that continued improvement of the JOA is important and necessary because market efficiencies ultimately lead to increased customer benefits.

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