Failsafe Canada Delivers New Carbon Offset Trading Functionality


Calgary, Alberta-based Failsafe Canada Inc. has finalized and placed new technology that completes the necessary supply chain requirements to be involved in North America's carbon credit and greenhouse gas (GHG) offset market.

Failsafe Canada has formed a working relationship with the Canadian Offset Trade Association, which will work with stakeholder groups, government and related legislative bodies to further define and standardize the rules and regulations around certification and verification technologies for the offset market.

In addition, Failsafe Canada has formed a strategic business relationship with VanCoe Agriculture. VanCoe delivers satellite-imaging services using advanced spectrum analysis to improve verification accuracy and offset quality. Failsafe and Vancoe's new offset verification technology will be available in September.

Failsafe Canada manages the entire lifecycle of GHG reduction projects and deals with wind and other renewable energy markets. Services include supply chain management and offset quantification, serialization and inventory management.

SOURCE: Failsafe Canada Inc.

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