ERCOT Outlines Changes To Nodal Program Schedule


Bob Kahn, president and CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), told the board of directors that he was confident the nodal market redesign can be completed successfully.

The revised nodal program schedule will be presented at the Sept. 8 meeting of the Transition Plan Task Force, the stakeholder group overseeing nodal protocol implementation.

The six changes in the program structure are as follows:

– development of an integrated schedule that will be used for measuring progress and focusing on activities that affect the critical path,

– reorganization of projects into core projects having accountability for all aspects of project delivery,

– rebuilding of the project management office with a structure and the skills needed to support a program of the size and complexities of the nodal program,

– creation of jointly defined formal releases across nodal teams,

– addition of time for testing in the lower environments, and

– improved vendor management procedures.

SOURCE: Electric Reliability Council of Texas

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