EPA Fellowship Allows Student To Study Wind Power


University of California at Berkley student Matthias Fripp is using the Environmental Protection Agency's Science to Achieve Results (EPA STAR) award to study sustainable energy solutions.

Fripp has collected data on the estimated power from potential wind farm sites and solar power facilities. He has found that because solar and wind power are available at different times, using both sources together makes a more reliable and cheaper power system than just using wind or solar alone.

Fripp is one of 32 students who received EPA STAR fellowships to complete their advanced degrees and work on solutions to environmental challenges for the future. Another 22 students were awarded Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) fellowships to complete their graduate and undergraduate degrees.

‘These remarkable young people will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of our environment,’ says George Gray, EPA's assistant administrator for the office of research and development. ‘We are proud to help educate these fellows who are making an environmental difference.’

SOURCE: Environmental Protection Agency

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