Environmental Technologies Announces Acquisition


Miami-based Environmental Technologies International Inc. has acquired Atlantic Wind & Solar Corp., a Bahamas-based renewable energy company.

The following changes have been made as part of the corporate reorganization:

– Environmental Technologies International will change its name to Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. to reflect its new renewable-energy-related focus and to reflect its recent acquisition;

– the company will recapitalize its common stock by way of a 70:1 reverse stock split, there will be no change in par value, and fractional shares will be rounded up, with a minimum holding of 10 shares; and

– the new trading symbol will be OTC: AWSL and the new Cusip number for the common shares reflecting the name change and reverse stock split is 049127 1039.

Venecia Gafter will serve as president, treasurer and chairperson of the board of directors. Carlton Bullard will serve on the board of directors. The company has accepted the resignations of Loren Howard and Sam Saliba as both officers and directors.

SOURCE: Environmental Technologies International Inc.

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