EnergyConnect Launches 2009 Enrollment Campaign


Lake Oswego, Ore.-based EnergyConnect, a provider of demand-response technologies, has begun enrolling electricity consumers in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest-based PJM market in its 2009 EventConnect interruptible load response (ILR) program. EventConnect ILR integrates into PJM's ILR, which is designed to help ease the pressure on the nation's largest electricity grid during times of peak demand.

According to the company, enrollment is expected to grow substantially in 2009, as a steady rise in energy costs is making it essential for electricity consumers to adopt a variety of proven measures to regain control of their electricity budgets.

Two recent announcements have also placed a renewed focus on demand response and are anticipated to drive increased interest during this year's enrollment campaign. New Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulations include several rule changes that direct regional power-grid operators to adopt and implement several measures to encourage wider adoption of demand response.

Also, a recent North American Electric Reliability Corp. report emphasized the role of demand response in helping delay the need for new generation and enhancing the entry of renewable energy sources like wind or solar. The report set the objective for climate change initiatives to support the development and reliable integration of demand-side resources.

Both announcements underscore the role of EnergyConnect in not only responding to grid emergencies, but also in helping to balance the electric grid by working with consumers year round to curtail or shift usage during times of peak demand.

SOURCE: EnergyConnect

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