Energy Organization: Samsung Deal Is ‘Slap In The Face’ For Ontarians

The fallout from the Samsung announcement continues in Ontario.

In a release from the Society of Energy Professionals, Rod Sheppard, the organization's president, claims the Ontario government did not adhere to procedure in inking the deal.

‘Ontario has everything required to build and operate a greener electricity system,’ says Sheppard ‘We have the wealth, we have the entrepreneurs, we have the innovation, we have the skills and expertise, and we have the will. Why is the premier [Dalton McGuinty] cutting his own deals with government-owned and -supported Korean conglomerates?’

Though the Samsung promise to create more than 1,400 permanent jobs sounds promising, Sheppard says, they will likely come at the cost of control over a substantial part of Ontario's electrical system.

‘Ontario has a procedure for acquiring more wind and solar power – a procedure this government itself set up for the purpose,’ he remarks. ‘Where was the request for proposals? Why does Samsung get to do an end-run around the process Ontario businesses are required to follow? How fair is that?’

Sheppard referred to the Ontario Power Authority's solicitation of renewables which acquire the electricity needed for the future.

SOURCE: The Society of Energy Professionals


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