Energy Composites Launches WindFiber Strategy


Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.-based Energy Composites Corp. (ECC) has launched its comprehensive WindFiber composites-in-wind-energy program. WindFiber is the strategic umbrella under which ECC carries out its wind-related innovation, engineering, customer proposition, production and services planning and logistics activities to drive value for the sector.

‘We believe that composites play an increasingly important role in driving financial success to wind farm development, and our integrated WindFiber approach will accelerate greater and more innovative use of composites in wind energy systems throughout North America,’ says Sam Fairchild, CEO of ECC.

WindFiber provides the following strategic platform:

– manufactures the advanced composite structures for wind energy systems;

– services the composite components of wind energy systems as a composites maintenance, repair and overhaul contractor to integrators and wind farm operators; and

– supplies composites-related raw materials and material and technology innovations to the wind energy sector.

SOURCE: Energy Composites Corp.

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