Enercon Notes First Export Of New E-115 Turbines


Enercon has announced the first export of its new E-115 wind turbines: Two 3 MW machines are currently being installed near Lelystad in the Netherlands, with completion slated by year-end. The company launched serial production of the E-115 series earlier this year, and the first turbines were installed at sites in Enercon's domestic market of Germany.

‘The machine's introduction to the market went well,’ says Enercon Sales Director Stefan Lutkemeyer. ‘And customer response to the new machine is positive. After completing the first domestic projects on schedule, we are now following up with installations in our export markets." Besides Lelystad, Enercon says other European projects are already in the planning stages, and the company is preparing to launch the product in countries outside of Europe.

The measurement campaign for the certification of the new series has been under way since the E-115 prototype was erected at the end of December 2013 near Lengerich, Germany. "We are particularly pleased with the performance of the prototype," notes Lutkemeyer. "For the same number of operating hours, the prototype has already generated more than 18 percent more energy than the E-101 in the same wind farm. That's four percent more yield than was forecast by the calculated power curve."

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