Elia Joins Atlantic Wind Connection Partnership


Elia, a Belgium-based transmission system operator, has become an equity partner in the offshore Atlantic Wind Connection (ATC) project, which is proposed for the East Coast of the U.S.

The company joins Google, Marubeni, Good Energies and Atlantic Grid Development (AGD) in the project, which is a proposed high-voltage direct-current offshore backbone that will enable the connection of up to 7 GW of offshore wind produced off the coasts of several Mid-Atlantic states.

The backbone, which will have interconnections with the existing land-based transmission system, is expected to be as long as 556 km and its development will be divided into five segments with a budget currently estimated at a approximately $5.5 billion.

Elia has acquired from AGD a strategic 10% minority participation in the first segment and a 5% minority participation in the four other segments of the AWC project.

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