Economists: Blocking California’s Clean Energy Law Will Be Costly


More than 100 economists with expertise in California energy and climate issues have released an open letter, warning against any delay in the implementation of California clean energy policies. The letter was organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

A broad array of the nation's leading economists disagree with those who support suspending implementation of emission reduction policies, saying that delaying action now will be more costly than taking action now.

‘Postponing the implementation of California's 2006 law, the Global Warming Solutions Act, will make it more expensive in the end for California to clean up our air pollution,’ says Michael Hanemann, professor of agricultural and resource economics and co-director of the University of California-Berkeley's Climate and Energy Policy Institute.

The 118 economists who signed the letter support A.B.32 and the clean energy policies it requires, stating that these policies can ‘stimulate innovation and efficiency,’ ‘help the state become a technological leader in the global marketplace,’ ‘improve our energy security, create new business opportunities and more jobs,’ and ‘provide immediate benefits to the health and welfare of residents by reducing local pollutants.’

Signed into law in 2006, A.B.32 requires the California Air Resources Board to implement clean energy policies that require more energy-efficient homes, buildings and vehicles; cleaner transportation fuels; increased reliance on renewable energy; and reductions in carbon pollution.

A copy of the letter can be found at

SOURCE: Union for Concerned Scientists

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