EcoMedia, EarthEra Announce Strategic Alliance


EcoMedia, an environmental media company, and EarthEra, an initiative of NextEra Energy Resources, have announced a strategic alliance to help cities achieve their climate action plans.

EcoMedia's carbon offset advertising allows corporate clients buy television, radio, print and outdoor advertising, while EcoMedia dedicates a portion of the advertising spend to fund energy efficiency retrofits and on-site renewable energy in municipal buildings.

EarthEra will augment the EcoMedia program by supplying carbon dioxide (CO2) offsets to further mitigate the carbon impact of the remaining energy use from municipal activities. One hundred percent of the funds received from EcoMedia to purchase the CO2 offsets will be directed to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust, which commits to build new renewable energy projects in the U.S.

‘Our collaboration with EarthEra guarantees our advertising partners that the CO2 offsets from their ad spend are funding new renewable energy projects in the U.S. and are having a direct impact on the environment,’ says Paul Polizzotto, founder and CEO of EcoMedia.

The strategic alliance provides the infrastructure for EcoMedia and EarthEra to deliver a nationwide program that bonds city governments and businesses together in a public-private partnership to participate in the acceleration of renewable energy projects and to reduce CO2 emissions in the communities they serve.

SOURCES: EcoMedia, EarthEra

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