EcoEnergy Awarded Wind Turbine Feasibility Study For Select Air And Army National Guard


EcoEnergy LLC, a wind developer based in Elgin, Ill., has been awarded a contract to complete a wind turbine feasibility study of selected Air and Army National Guard installations. The contract was issued by the Department of Defense through the U.S. Property and Fiscal Office. The study will assess the suitability of installing wind turbines at the selected sites.

This work is part of a plan by the National Guard to comply with Executive Order 13423, ‘Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management,’ which was signed in January 2007. The Executive Order requires that at least half of the required renewable energy consumed by an agency in a fiscal year come from new sources of renewable energy and, to the extent feasible, that these resources be located on federal property.

The wind turbine feasibility studies will involve geographic information systems analysis of siting constraints, including military, utility and communications, transportation, Federal Aviation Administration limitations, property ownership, occupied residences and preliminary environmental siting considerations.

The study will also include an analysis of local wind speeds, topography and vegetation that will be used to produce preliminary wind models.

Sites that are selected as good candidates for wind turbine installations may be selected for further study that would include the installation of met towers for wind data collection, advanced wind modeling, turbine siting and energy production analysis, as well as environmental studies, permitting, interconnection studies and a complete financial analysis.


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