ECA Program Advances Ultracapacitors as Vital Part Of Renewable Energy


The Electronic Components Association (ECA), which represents the electronic components industry and the technologies, materials and supply chain associated with it, has launched a new program to advance the use of ultracapacitors as a vital generator of renewable energy.

Ultracapacitors – also known as supercapacitors and double-layer capacitors – offer a combination of high power, durability and fast charge-discharge capability. This makes them ideal for renewable energy applications such as hybrid transportation, battery-free backup power, distributed power for vehicles and wind turbine power.

‘The ultracapacitor has the ability to enable an almost unlimited number of cleaner and greener energy solutions,’ says James Kaplan, chair of ECA's board of directors. ‘ECA is committed to making these new technologies the cornerstone for worldwide renewable energy programs.’

ECA's renewable energy program is being built in cooperation with Kilofarad International, an organization the association formed in 2002 with Maxwell Technologies, a provider of ultracapacitors.

At its recent 2008 Engineering Summit, ECA's standards and technology program set up a new committee to address standards for ultracapacitors. The group is setting its agenda and will present initial findings at the ECA Spring 2009 Engineering Summit in New Orleans in April.

ECA will also feature ultracapacitors at the 2009 CARTS USA conference in March in Jacksonville, Fla. CARTS, the premier technical symposium for passive electronic components, will include an ultracapacitor tutorial and several technical papers from design and manufacturing experts.

SOURCE: Electronic Components Association

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