EAPC Teams With French Software Company Meteodyn


EAPC Wind Energy, a full-service wind energy consulting firm, has entered into a sales representation agreement with France-based Meteodyn, which has its North American headquarters in Philadelphia, to sell Meteodyn WT, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool for wind resource assessment in complex terrain.

Meteodyn WT's software is dedicated to the wind energy industry, and its development follows the trends of the market, according to the company. New modules have recently been added for remote sensor correction in complex terrain, coupling with mesoscale models and short-term wind power production forecasting.

‘With business growing in North America, we wanted to increase our representation by partnering with EAPC for their presence in the Midwest and for their extensive knowledge of the wind energy software industry,’ says Guillaume Dupont, business development manager for Meteodyn America.

SOURCE: EAPC Wind Energy

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