Dominion Virginia’s Green Energy Power Program Enrolls 3,500 Customers


Dominion Virginia Power says 3,500 customers have enrolled in its green power program since January. Nearly 75% of program participants have enrolled in the ‘100% Option,’ which adds $15 per month to the bill of a customer who uses 1,000 kWh of electricity. Other participants prefer to support renewable energy in fixed increments for as little as $2 per month.

The additional charge for Dominion Green Power – $0.015/kWh – pays for renewable energy certificates and is included as a separate line item on the customer's monthly bill.

‘This voluntary program ensures that renewable energy is delivered to the grid, encourages the development of new renewable power facilities and reduces the environmental impact of generating electricity from fossil fuels,’ says Paul D. Koonce, CEO of Dominion Virginia Power.

Energy sources for Dominion's Green Power program include wind, biomass, solar and hydro. The program has been approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission and achieved Green-e Energy certification from the Center for Resource Solutions, a national nonprofit organization.

SOURCE: Dominion Virginia Power

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