DOE Announces Funds To Develop Energy Efficient Processes


John Mizroch, principal deputy assistant secretary of energy efficiency and renewable energy at the Department of Energy (DOE), has announced over $26 million in federal funding over three years for cost-shared development of energy-efficient industrial processes in the steel and other energy-intensive industries.

These projects support the Energy Policy Act of 2005 goal of reducing the energy intensity of U.S. manufacturing industries by 25% in 10 years, as well as contributing to significant reductions in greenhouse gas and other emissions.

‘The projects demonstrate a shared, public-private commitment to advance development of energy-efficient industrial technologies to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, while also confronting the serious challenge of global climate change,’ says Mizroch. ‘The department is committed to the research, development and deployment of cleaner, more efficient technology options for American industry, from the laboratory to the plant floor.’

Pending Congressional approval, the $26.6 million provided by the DOE will leverage an additional $15.3 million in cost-share funds provided by the award recipients and their industry partners for the awards.

A study of induction consolidation/molding of thermoplastic composites using smart susceptors will receive an estimated $4.1 million. The Boeing Co. will lead a team composed of Ford Motor Co., Vestas, Ajax-TOCCO, Steeplechase, Temper and Cytec to establish the technical and economic viability of induction consolidation of thermoplastic composites to fabricate aerospace, automotive and wind turbine components in an energy-efficient manner. Induction consolidation uses the electrical conductivity properties of the thermoplastic materials to soften them and allow them to be formed.

SOURCE: Department of Energy

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