DeWind Announces Comprehensive Turbine Warranty Package


Composite Technology Corp.'s subsidiary, DeWind, is offering a complete warranty package for its 2 MW turbine product line. The comprehensive warranty package is available for up to five years on all D8 50 Hz and D8.2 60 Hz and 50 Hz turbines shipped worldwide. DeWind provides a standard two-year warranty with each turbine and provides the opportunity for customers to extend the warranty for an additional three years.

According to DeWind, it created the warranty program to provide security to customers and to underscore its commitment to the quality and reliability of the DeWind turbine products. The warranty package includes multiple levels of protection, including:

– DeWind Self-Insured Escrow Fund administered through Wells Fargo Bank,

– full mechanical breakdown coverage underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Co.,

– enhanced supplier warranty program for up to five-year coverage for all major system components including the Voith WinDrive, and

– enhanced professional liability insurance underwritten by AIG.

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