Culver Releases Energy Proposal For Iowa

Gov. Chet Culver, D-Iowa, has released a proposal to reduce Iowa's dependence on imported oil and improve energy efficiency across the state.

‘I believe now is Iowa's time to be the national leader when it comes to securing a clean energy future, and my energy proposal will help us do just that,’ says Culver. ‘This legislation will assure Iowa's continued leadership in energy conservation efforts and renewable energy. I look forward to working with the legislature to pass this initiative quickly to ensure Iowa stays at the forefront of the green energy revolution.’

The Culver/Judge energy legislation covers three main components, including:
– increasing Iowa's renewable portfolio standard to 25% by 2025,
– granting the Iowa Utilities Board the authority to establish an energy efficiency standard of 1.5%, and
– establishing a commission on energy efficiency standards.

Housed within the Department of Public Safety's Office of the Building Code Commissioner, the new commission would develop recommendations and establish incentives for energy efficiency standards and adopt a statewide energy efficiency building labeling or rating system.


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