ContourGlobal Inaugurates ‘Peru’s Largest Wind Farm’


New York-based ContourGlobal, through its subsidiary Energia Eolica SA, has inaugurated its 83.15 MW Cupisnique and 30.6 MW Talara wind projects in Peru. The company claims the projects collectively make up the largest wind farm in the country.

With a combined investment of nearly $250 million, Cupisnique and Talara were connected to the National Interconnected Electric System and benefit from a 20-year power purchase agreement entered into under Peru's Renewable Energy Resource Program. The projects feature a total of 62 Vestas wind turbines.

‘With the inauguration of ContourGlobal's Peruvian wind farms, the country is taking a big step toward realizing the benefit of integrating wind power into the nation's electricity grid,’ says Alessandra Marinheiro, CEO of ContourGlobal Latam. ‘Peru is blessed with abundant wind resources, which makes wind-generated electricity significantly less expensive than many of the fossil fuel power plants in the country.’

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