Consultancy Announces Four Offshore Wind Power Research And Development Projects


Ocean and Coastal Consultants Inc./COWI Wind Energy (OCC/COWI), a consulting engineering firm that specializes in providing coastal and port engineering and a consultant for offshore foundations, says it has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for four projects related to offshore wind energy.

The four projects, which are among the 41 awarded funding by the DOE last month, include the following:

– U.S. offshore wind manufacturing and supply-chain development. The objective of this project, led by a team from Navigant Consulting, is to develop and publish an assessment of the domestic supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure supporting the U.S. offshore wind market. The report will provide baseline information and recommend a strategy for future development of the supply chain required to support projected offshore wind deployment levels.

– U.S. offshore wind market economic analysis and annual market assessment. The objective of this project, also led by a Navigant Consulting team, is to develop and publish a comprehensive annual assessment of the U.S. offshore wind market. The report will be presented to the DOE and published annually for a three-year period and will serve as a road map for removing entry barriers and increasing U.S. competitiveness in the offshore wind market.

– Shallow-water offshore wind system optimization for the Great Lakes. The team for this project is led by Freshwater Wind I LLC and will study how to deliver cost-of-energy (COE) reductions of at least 25% for large-scale offshore wind installations, relative to baseline COE reflecting shallow-water installations today. Project work will have a special focus on balance-of-system innovations, but will propose and assess an integrated wind plant system configuration designed to deliver holistic COE improvements.

– Development of an advanced floating turbine. The team for this project is led by Nautica Windpower LLC. The goal of the project is to develop the conceptual design of a deepwater full turbine/infrastructure system capable of achieving $0.07/kWh at an 8.5 m/s wind speed site by 2017.

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