ConEdison Solutions Offers RE To Connecticut Residents


ConEdison Solutions is now offering renewable energy to Connecticut households and small businesses at a price lower than current utility electricity rates. This limited-time offer allows consumers to save money while, at the same time, helping the environment.

Energy users who choose ConEdison Solutions as their competitive energy supplier now have the option to select wind power generated in the U.S. as their energy source. ConEdison Solutions is currently offering green power at a savings of up to 3% compared to the local utility price for nonrenewable energy.

‘Offered at a price lower than that of the standard utility price, the wind power alternative is now a compelling choice,’ says Jorge J. Lopez, president of ConEdison Solutions. ‘Connecticut households and businesses are now able to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their electricity bills at the same time.’

There are no switching fees and no cancellation fees for energy users opting for the renewable energy program. The local utility company continues to deliver the electricity and perform such traditional services as outage response and meter reading, according to ConEdison Solutions.

SOURCE: ConEdison Solutions

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