Community Wind Developer Planning Met Towers Near Tres Amigas Project


Community-based wind development company Broadview Energy LLC says it has completed the first phase of project leasing and deployment for the meteorological towers the company is planning to install in New Mexico and Texas.

Broadview is being developed and managed by Minneapolis-based National Renewable Solutions (NRS), which utilizes the community model for each of the company's wind development projects and currently manages six other wind projects throughout the country.

‘Being located within five miles of the planned Tres Amigas project, Broadview has a unique advantage by being able to diversify and expand the market to buy our power,’ says Patrick Pelstring, president of NRS. "And, most importantly, we know the wind blows fast and furious in this area."

The company's next steps will include installing additional meteorological towers
within its Texas footprint and continuing its discussions with utilities to buy the
project's power. Because of its size, NRS expects this initiative will be a long-term commitment of five to seven years but hopes to have its first project ready for construction in the next 24-36 months.

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