Combined Wind, Solar Thermal, Gas Project Planned For Turkey


A proposed power plant in Turkey will integrate wind, solar thermal power and natural gas, according to GE and MetCap Energy Investments. GE's FlexEfficiency technology has been selected for the integrated renewables combined cycle (IRCC) power plant, according to the companies.

The FlexEfficiency 50 IRCC plant will integrate a next-generation 50 Hz 9FB gas turbine, a steam turbine, a generator, 22 MW of GE wind turbines and 50 MW of eSolar concentrated solar thermal tower technology, according to GE.

‘This project combines two renewable technologies and natural gas in the same power plant, and demonstrates the benefits it can offer to power the future grid,’ says Paul Browning, president and CEO for thermal products at GE Energy.

The 530 MW power plant will be located in Karaman, Turkey, and is scheduled to enter commercial operation in 2015. The engineering, procurement and construction services will be provided by Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc.

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