Clemson Unveils Clean Energy Plan


In an effort to create and attract jobs in renewable energy and to generate innovations to propel the state and the nation into energy leadership positions, Clemson University has released its three-part clean energy strategic plan.

The plan comprises three key elements:

  • educational programs, from certifications to the graduate level, to enhance the skills of the current workforce in energy-related industries and prepare the next generation of talent;
  • innovation and technology transfer through the growth of research in targeted areas and continued development of the university's innovation campuses; and
  • an initiative to transform the main campus into a national model for sustainability: a net-zero carbon emissions university.

According to John W. Kelly Jr., vice president for public service and agriculture and director of the Clemson University Restoration Institute, many initiatives are already moving forward, including a $98 million wind turbine drivetrain testing facility funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Developing a net-zero carbon emissions campus will involve a comprehensive system of renewable energy production, efficient distribution and conservation that will eliminate the use of coal, offer research and educational opportunities for faculty and students, and provide partners with innovative solutions, technology testing and demonstration sites for pilot programs, Clemson explains.

SOURCE: Clemson University


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