Clean Line, WindPole Collaborate To Build Wind Data Network


Clean Line Energy Partners LLC and WindPole Ventures have announced plans to build a wind resource-monitoring network in southwestern Kansas to support the planned Grain Belt Express Clean Line transmission project. Clean Line's proposed project is expected to deliver 3,500 MW of power from Kansas to southeastern Missouri and points farther east.

Clean Line will utilize monitoring network to support its efforts to forecast utilization rates of the proposed transmission project.

‘These measurement stations, which will be spread across six counties in western Kansas, will help us simulate the production profiles of the broad array of more than 3,500 MW of new wind projects that our Grain Belt Express project will make possible,’ says Michael Skelly, president of Clean Line.

WindPole will equip its portfolio of existing narrow face towers to generate a complete meteorological picture with seasonal and intra-day measurements. The company plans to instrument 120-meter towers around Spearville, Kan., near the proposed terminus of Clean Line's Grain Belt Express.

Each tower in WindPole's network will capture actual wind resource data at the turbine hub height, reducing potential errors due to extrapolation, according to the company.

The wind resource-monitoring network in Kansas is estimated to take 90 days to implement. WindPole will then begin monitoring the flow of bankable data on the region's wind resources.

SOURCE: WindPole Ventures LLC

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