Clean Line Collaborates With The Nature Conservancy


Houston-based Clean Line Energy Partners LLC has announced a collaboration agreement with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Missouri. Through the agreement, TNC will provide information, advice and feedback to Clean Line Energy during the development of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line in order to help Clean Line Energy site the transmission line in a manner that avoids or reduces the impact on environmentally sensitive areas in Missouri.

‘Effective, efficient energy transmission is essential for meeting human needs, and this must be accomplished in a manner that sustains the natural resources upon which our quality of life ultimately depends,’ says Todd Sampsell, TNC's Missouri state director. ‘We look forward to collaborating with Clean Line to ensure these objectives are met.’

The Grain Belt Express Clean Line is a proposed 550-mile overhead, high-voltage direct-current transmission line that will deliver wind power from western Kansas to population centers in Missouri and farther east. The project is expected to enable over 3,500 MW of new wind projects to be built, according to Clean Line Energy.

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