Centre For Energy Launches Interactive Energy Maps


Calgary, Alberta-based Canadian Centre for Energy Information, a not-for-profit organization that provides energy information, has released an updated version of its Energy Map, a collection of interactive maps that allow users to view Canada's full energy system in one glance.

‘Energy is an important topic in Canada, where extreme climates and sprawling, far-flung communities require more energy for heating and transportation,’ says Dave Carson, vice president of the Centre for Energy. ‘Demand for reliable, bias-balanced energy information is at an all-time high, and through the Energy Map, the Centre for Energy helps to address that demand.’

The Energy Map, which has been updated with interactive features and more in-depth information, displays the various types of energy that are used in Canada: crude oil, oil sands and natural-gas reserves and production; pipelines; refineries; nuclear, hydro and thermal electricity generating sites; coal mines; wind farms; and tidal power facilities.

Individual maps depict the locations of a specific energy-related activity, such as wind power, hydroelectricity generation and oil production for a specific province and include information pertinent to that activity and that province.

For more information, visit centreforenergy.com.

SOURCE: Canadian Centre for Energy Information

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