CellTrust Corp. Introduces Mobile Phone Carbon Offset Program


CellTrust Corp., a Scottsdale, Ariz.-headquartered mobile information management and delivery provider, has partnered with climate change education organization Carbonfund.org to enable travelers to carbon-offset their flights at the mobile flight tracking and alerting stage.

In the past, travelers have been given the opportunity to offset their flights when they purchase a ticket, CellTrust explains. Now, with an short message service-enabled mobile phone, they can access carbon-offsetting information at Carbonfund.org through the online FlightAssist service, which currently supports data from 16,084 airports and 1,398 airlines.

‘Using the mobile phone to fight adverse climate change while making travel more efficient for friends and family is a creative new approach,’ says Steve Offutt, chief operating officer of Carbonfund.org. ‘I applaud CellTrust's desire to improve our environment, both through offsetting its own carbon footprint and by enabling its customers and partners to also positively impact our environment.’

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