Catskill Mountain Wind To Purchase MAT Technology


Catskill Mountain Wind Management Inc. has accepted Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc.'s newest version of its multi-axis turbosystem (MAT) technology and augmenter system. Catskill now plans to purchase a number of demonstration units to be installed throughout New York state.

Under the terms of an agreement, Mass Megawatts was required to have a commercialized version of its new augmenter system (patent pending) installed, and have achieved an augmentation benchmark of greater than 50% (increase in wind speed velocity entering the wind turbine area) over a one-month period.

The new version of Mass Megawatts' augmenter system was installed on its Hunter, N.Y., wind project and maintained an augmentation level of 70% for over 30 days and an average increase in wind velocity for that period of 70%.

The Hunter project was jointly sponsored and financed by Mass Megawatts and Catskill Mountain Wind Management. The project's basis was to provide power to Hunter Township's water remediation facility, where the unit is located, allowing for excess generation to be utilized on behalf of the township and the Greene County Industrial Development Authority.

SOURCE: Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc.

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