Catholic Leaders Renew Call To Action For More Clean Energy


Catholic leaders have called for the development and deployment of more renewable energy in honor of the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical that emphasized addressing climate change and supporting clean energy.

The Vatican released the latest encyclical on June 18, 2015, asserting that people around the world have a moral obligation to future generations to reduce dangerous pollution and protect the environment.

Ed Rivet, member of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum leadership council, commented that Pope Francis called not only Catholics, but everyone, to be good stewards of the earth and that we, on both an individual and a global scale, should take that responsibility seriously.

“America especially has the capacity and ingenuity to make our world cleaner as we make it better,” Rivet adds.

Rev. Charles Morris, Catholic priest and co-founder of Michigan Interfaith Power & Light, spoke about his state’s opportunity to make good on that call to action by increasing the use of renewable energy, including wind power.

“Burning fossil fuels pollutes the air, land and water around us, which is why Michigan needs energy policy that reduces dangerous pollution and fosters clean, renewable energy, like wind and solar, which will protect Michigan families now and in the future,” says Morris.

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