Catch The Wind LWS Deployed On Offshore Wind Resource Assessment Buoy


Manassas, Va.-based Catch the Wind Ltd.'s Vindicator laser wind sensor (LWS) has been deployed by AXYS Technologies as part of validation testing of the WindSentinel, an offshore wind assessment buoy in the coastal waters of British Columbia.

Commercial launch of the WindSentinel, which combines an AXYS floating platform with a Vindicator LWS, is expected once testing is successfully completed.

AXYS and Catch the Wind entered into an original equipment manufacturer distribution agreement, pursuant to which AXYS was granted a license to combine and integrate the Vindicator LWS with custom AXYS salt/fresh water fixed and floating platforms, and sell the bundled products worldwide.

Validation testing of the WindSentinel buoy is being conducted off Race Rocks Island in British Columbia. The validation testing is designed to compare wind data collected by the Vindicator LWS on the moving buoy to wind data collected from a second, stationary Vindicator LWS on Race Rocks Island 0.5 km away.

SOURCE: Catch the Wind Ltd.

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