Cardinal Wind Is Now EverVest


Cardinal Wind Is Now EverVest Boston-based financial services advisory Cardinal Wind is changing its name to EverVest. According to the company, the name change came about for a number of reasons.

According to a company release, ‘We chose our new name for a number of reasons. 'Ever' accurately describes renewable energy fuel sources, which are inherently perpetual and abundant. 'Vest' refers to our customers – the investors, developers and asset operators we serve.

‘In addition, the name EverVest closely resembles a symbol of human achievement, perseverance and success. Whether through wind, solar, storage or other clean technologies, we see the global transition to clean energy synonymous to scaling a mountain.’

The company notes that access to capital is a vital element to ensure the continued growth of the industry. ‘While the world continues to transition to renewable energy sources, new forms of capital will be required to fund assets ranging from large wind projects to rooftop solar installations.’

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