CanWEA: Wind Poised To Play Big Role In Quebec’s 2030 Energy Policy


The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is welcoming the publication of the Quebec government’s 2030 energy policy, which includes increasing total renewable energy production by 25%.

With the cost of the production of electricity at competitive levels compared with any other new energy supply in Quebec, wind energy can help Quebec reach its economic development, energy cost control and climate change mitigation objectives, according to CanWEA.

In addition, the association says, the wind industry employs 5,000 people in Quebec and has brought investments of $10 billion in the last decade.

“This policy will send a clear signal that Quebec wants to play a leading role across the continent,” comments Jean-François Nolet, vice president of CanWEA. “Its implementation will be the opportunity to move from words to action and attract investment, including by ensuring that the northeastern U.S. market has access to electricity produced by Quebec wind farms.”

Additionally, the Quebec government’s commitment to replacing fossil fuels in northern Quebec and in autonomous networks will allow the province to further develop its wind power market, notes CanWEA.

The association says Quebec’s wind industry is offering the government its full cooperation for implementing the energy policy. In the coming months, the policy will be translated into action plans, and CanWEA hopes that these plans will be an opportunity for the government to set numerical targets that will encourage investment. The policy was rolled out by Pierre Arcand, the minister of energy and natural resources.

“With the most developed wind energy supply chain in Canada and the northeastern United States, Quebec’s wind industry is in a good position to meet our continent’s energy challenges,” adds Nolet.

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