CanWEA: Quebec Bids Signal Strength


The recent call for tenders from Hydro-Quebec means wind energy is alive and well in the province, according to the Canadian Wind Energy Association. Bids for wind energy projects submitted to Hydro-Qu̩bec represent more than 1,000 MW Рalmost double the required quantity specified in the call for tenders.

‘This is excellent news for Quebec, as well as for its various communities and regions,’ stresses Robert Hornung, president of CanWEA. ‘As further proof of the vitality of Quebec's wind energy sector, it also affirms Hydro-Québec's leadership role in the country.’

Bids were submitted by 16 different proponents for more than 44 projects, both aboriginal and community.

‘The contracts awarded by Hydro-Québec will generate almost $1.4 billion in investment, of which close to $850 million will be invested directly in the regions' economies,’ Hornung continues. ‘Add job creation and regional economic development to these benefits, and all of Quebec comes out a winner.’

SOURCE: Canadian Wind Energy Association

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