CANARIE Announces $3 Million Call For Proposals


CANARIE Inc., an Ottawa, Ontario-based organization that facilitates the development and use of its network, as well as the advanced products, applications and services that run on it, has announced a $3 million call for proposals to fuel the development of advanced computing and networking technologies that reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from the world's information and communications technologies (ICT) infrastructure (including computer hardware, software and networks), and enable collaboration on promising green IT solutions that will help slow the rate of global warming.

The CANARIE Green IT Pilot Program will help Canadian innovators to capitalize on emerging opportunities in Green ICT – a global market that, according to Insight Research Corp., is expected to reach over $600 billion by 2013. Specifically, it aims to facilitate national and international collaborative research projects that demonstrate the following:

– technical feasibility and usability of relocating computers and other cyber infrastructure to zero-carbon data centers that are connected by optical networks, and powered solely by renewable energy sources such as the sun or the wind; and

– business case for providing carbon offsets (and/or equivalent services) to university researchers and IT personnel who reduce their carbon footprint by relocating computers and instrumentation to zero-carbon data centers.

CANARIE expects to award up to C$2 million for major zero-carbon data center pilot projects and about C$1 million for the development of business cases and smaller projects. The outcomes of this pilot project could influence the development of Canadian-designed green ICT approaches, products and services that could be marketed around the world.

The deadline for initial proposals is June 29, with full applications to be submitted by Sept. 10. Selected proposals will be announced in October.

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