Cambridge’s New Spinoff To Address Wind Power’s Radar Issues


Cambridge Consultants has announced the spinout of its Aveillant business, with venture investment from DFJ Esprit and the Aviation Investment Fund Co. Ltd. (AIFCL).

According to Cambridge Consultants, Aveillant's technology will address the concerns about aviation safety and air defense that are holding back growth in the wind energy industry.

Wind turbines in motion can mimic aircraft on an air traffic controller's radar screen. Aveillant will provide airfields with the accurate radar data needed to eliminate the potential confusion this could cause, without any resulting loss or compromise in performance, Cambridge explains.

Aveillant will exploit a new development of radar technology in the form of its proprietary 3D holographic radar. The Aveillant solution will be able to recognize the presence and position of even small aircraft in the vicinity of the largest wind turbines, providing a level of accuracy that will ensure the safe separation of the aircraft and the turbine in the most demanding airspace, according to Cambridge.

Aveillant's wind turbine mitigation approach has been developed in consultation with all the key stakeholders, including wind farm developers, airport operators, and the U.K.'s Department for Energy and Climate Change and Ministry of Defense, the company adds.

This first part of a multimillion-dollar investment is being funded through a consortium of Cambridge Consultants, venture capitalist DFJ Esprit and the AIFCL. Cambridge Consultants founders Gordon Oswald and Craig Webster are both joining Aveillant.

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