CAISO Approves Transmission Plan Integrating Offshore Wind


The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has approved the 2023-2024 Transmission Plan that identifies and lays out key upgrades to the state’s transmission system.

The plan identifies investment needs in 26 California transmission infrastructure projects. These include several on the state’s North Coast, aimed at upgrading grid capacity to integrate power from wind turbines off the coast of Humboldt into the grid.

“We applaud CAISO for thoughtfully integrating offshore wind energy into the 2023-2024 Transmission Plan, a significant step towards building California’s first offshore wind projects,” says American Clean Power Association’s Molly Croll.

“Offshore wind is a reliable and essential source of clean power for reducing the impacts of climate change and attaining 100% clean energy in California. We look forward to continuing work with CAISO and the state to advance transmission planning for offshore wind.”

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